Why Colon Cleanse Can Be Dangerous? What is The Best Colon Detox Product?


You really need to know everything about your colon before you decide to take any measures to detox it. The colon is the part of the large intestine between the caecum and the rectum. It is a long (about 5 feet, or 1m 53cm) muscular organ, which has very important functions of digesting food and removing unnecessary stuff from the body.It’s quite clear that in order to feel your best you need to have healthy organs. This would be impossible unless harmful substances that get inside our bodies because of filthy air and bad food were eliminated by the system of organs that includes kidneys, this article liver, lungs, and so on. Each organ has a specific task – the kind of harmful substance it “specializes in”. As for the colon, it mainly absorbs useful nutrients and minerals from the food you eat and removes fecal masses from your body.

Colon Detox


You can see now how important it is to have clean and healthy colon, which performs all its functions. The body is an interdependent system, visit their website check out here which fails if at least one of its elements can’t do what it is supposed to. Too many people these days think little about their eating habits, which results in high consumption of fats, oily and sugary foods, and processed food that doesn’t include any fiber or nutrients. Paraphrasing the famous saying, they won’t start thinking about what they eat till after the colon is nearly ruined. Everyone has constipations from time to time – it can be attributed to a stressful day or some virus, but when it becomes usual, measures should be taken to go back to the normal health condition. The processed food can’t leave your body entirely; it starts decomposing, which causes an unpleasant smell. This is the very moment people suddenly get worried and try to find the best colon cleansing methods to deal with the “unexpected” problem. A good remedy helps detox your body of all the harmful substances that have been accumulating for years. So, the good news is, if you have been neglecting your colon, there is still hope. Colon detox is aimed at helping you start over and revise the eating habits you have.

Different Methods

There are several ways in which a colon cleanse can be performed. Fasting is the most common way to perform a colon detox. Total fasting, water fasting, fruit fasting are different methods used during fasting for a colon detox. Herbal colon detox is another way, in which a variety of herbs are used to free your colon from toxins and eliminate them. Enemas are another way of a colon detoxification, and are easy to practice at home, but many do not prefer this method because it could be a messy affair if not done properly. Homemade colon detox products are another way and the one which is widely used today. Homemade colon detox products are used a lot in combination with fasting, however it is better to use special products such as pure colon detox. We will talk about it below.

What Can Happen If You Make Your Own Home Colon Cleanse


If you ever tried looking for a good recipe of at home colon cleanse, you probably know that often you need to purchase several ingredients, as they can’t be found at home. In fact, it’s not uncommon for companies to advertise some products they want to sell by including them into popular recipes for colon-detoxification. They are right in saying that colon detox is good for everyone’s health; but it’s also true that if you make a small mistake in your formula, it can turn quite dangerous. Many people can’t help thinking that the more of the ingredient they add the better and faster effect they will have. Of course, they are completely wrong, as the compounds must be mixed precisely according to the directions, as it’s usually calculated to provide for optimal effects. You should also be very careful when applying any methods of colon detox at home. Enema, if used recklessly, can rupture the wall of your intestine. This will require surgical intervention and additional, rather unpleasant, treatment. Here are a few facts about the danger of fasting and strict colon detox diets.

When you starve, in order to lose weight or for religious reasons, this is what happens: your liver, which is already working hard, starts working “overtime” to flush out accumulated toxins. These harmful substances then get absorbed in the colon and eventually come back, giving your liver even more work to do. The best advice here would be to include juice, fruit and veggies into the diet, as well as drink plenty of water. In this way the circulation described above doesn’t take place, and you get rid of toxins without doing harm to your liver.

The best colon detox way that exists nowadays is using special products that contain all necessary ingredients that can help you improve your colon health. As mentioned above, the most popular and effective products nowadays is called Pure Colon Detox. This product was first launched in 2011 and became very popular all over the world. if you waould like to learn more about it, just visit the link above for more information.

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