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If you go on the internet and google, More Info viagraonlinepharmacy.com.au go right here “how to lose weight” you find that 14,600,000 finds show up!  I was amazed at all the findings just about losing weight.  Can you tell that this is a real problem for so many people.  Being overweight does not mean you are alone in your battle.

In fact, it means there are people searching for ways to lose that excess weight.  They find it through dieting, exercise and exercise programs and through weight loss supplements.  Some people use all three methods at once while others try one or two components to lose weight.miracle-burn

Miracle Burn is a weight loss supplement that we will discuss and see if it is worth adding to your regimen.  Miracle Burn says it is the only weight loss product which contains the popular ingredients Advantra Z and Hoodia.  They claim it jump starts your metabolism, suppresses your appetite, stimulates your body’s natural fat burning abilities and increase your energy levels.

Miracle Burn says when you combine this weight loss supplement with diet and exercise it can help you lose weight.  Some claim that Miracle Burn works to help burn extra fat while giving you a  boost in energy.   It also suppresses hunger.  Let’s see if this weight loss supplement really works.

Miracle Burn Ingredient Quality

Miracle Burn does have ingredients that claim to suppress your appetite.  Let’s see what is inside this weight loss supplement:

Hoodia–most of us have heard of this ingredient because it is touted as an appetite suppressant.  In fact, there is more research lately that shows it does not have much to do with suppressing your appetite.

Advantra Z–derived from bitter orange.  It is similar to ephedra but it says it comes without the dangerous side effects.  It says it speeds up your metabolism

  • Yerba Mate
  • Chromium–has yet to be shown effective in weight loss
  • Iodine
  • White Willow Bark
  • L-Carniture

Miracle Burn Long Term Results

Miracle Burn does not have any long term results.  It is even questionable if it has short term results!  The appetite suppressant ingredients are even in question if they really work.

Miracle Burn Company Reputation

Miracle Burn has been accused of shady marketing practices.  They have a risk free trial that they offer but many have complained that they have to sign up for autoship and then charged a monthly charge even after they have cancelled their order.  That makes their reputation unfavorable.

Miracle Burn Safety

Woman measuring waist

Miracle Burn does have Advantra Z in its formula.  This is similar to ephedra and if taken in massive doses can increase the possibility of a stroke.  Other complaints with this formula are rapid heart rate, digestive disorders and dizziness.

Miracle Burn Overall Value

Miracle Burn is a weight loss supplement at the first sounds appealing but when you look closer at it the appeal starts to fade away.  First of all, it is a proprietary blend which does not give you amounts of each ingredient.  You have no way of telling if it will be strong enough to do any good.

Second, their marketing practices are a little shady.  Their free risk trial is not so.  It seems like they forget to cancel your order even if you try to cancel your trial and continue to be charges $39.95 plus $7.95 in shipping and handling.  Two signs to stay away from this weight loss supplement.


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