Is USP Labs Jack3D Micro a Best Pre Workout Supplement?


It’s a new one on the market, and the old version of it is still available… a super hot pre-workout supplement that was likely one of the best sellers ever now has a little sister (or brother)… USP Labs Jack3D Micro. Cute. A lot of people are already calling it Jacked micro. Anyhow…
I am going to give you an honest, true to heart review of what I thought Jack3D micro is all about and what you can expect from it if you choose it as your next pre-workout supplement. Firstly: it is small. Second, the scoops are small, too! Each scoop pulls about 3.6 grams – not a whole lot. Since the directions call for 1 to 2 scoops max per serving, you can imagine that you aren’t using up a whole lot each shot, giving you a total of about 40 servings per jar – not too bad!!

Just 146 grams of this powdery stuff comes in a small jar, and will run you between $25 and $50 depending on where you find it. My first reaction? “Uh, so where is my jar of pre-workout…?” It is hard to picture my face when I saw how small this thing got, especially since I was expecting something more like the regular USP Labs Jack3D. They don’t kid around with this stuff!

Pre-workout supplements are supposed to: A) Increase your “Pump” or appearance of large muscles and veins, and B) Give you the extra energy to work extra hard. Simple. If the mix is good, Check Out Your URL you’ll get extra energy without all the negative secondary effects, allowing you to work harder on every set, and get better results in the weeks to follow.



You can choose from 3 fruity type flavors, my explanation Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime and Fruit Punch. They are… fruity! I am a fruit punch kind of person, but to be honest, you end up tossing it back really quick and can’t taste much. With the 2 tiny scoops you’ll add a couple of ounces of water, and head over to the gym. You’ll feel something between 15 and 30 minutes after.
Well they’ve got some new items listed that they don’t have in the old USP Labs Jack3D. The new stuff is:

Norcoline / Higenamine / Norcoclaurine HCI = a stimulant / fat burner which is also a vasodilator (aka, increases the appearance of veins)

3,4-dihydroxycinnamic acid / caffeic acid = another stimulant
These now work together with the old stuff:

  • Caffeine: a normal massive dose typical of most pre-workout supplements
  • L-citrulline
  • Arginine Nitrate
  • Agmatine Sulfate
  • Grape seed extract

The amount of each is not explicitly listed, though there may be other ways of finding out.How effective is it?


USP Labs Jack3D Micro – Blue Raspberry

Well, I have a fast metabolism and felt the effects within 10 minutes of taking it. I am not caffeine sensitive luckily, helpful site so I was slightly better prepared than a person who is. I did feel a little shaky at first, but that wore off after the 3 set. I moved into a very focused sort of moment that lasted the duration of the session. If you drink a lot of coffee or cheap energy drinks, you may not have as clear and profound of an effect as the next guy because your body would be more accustomed to dealing with it.
The old preworkout drinks were more or less just filled with Taurine, caffeine and sugar, making me wonder if I should just buy 6 shots of espresso before I train. They would make you very shaky, make your heart race, and make you sweatier and out of breath, but also produce a good pump from the caffeine.

The pump with USP Labs Jack3D micro was decent; I think it depends on the training cycle that you’re working in. I got a good pump and I am in a strength / power phase – not focused at all on tearing up muscles, just good technique and increasing strength, training between 80 and 100% Max at 1RM to 4RM.

What I really found out was that this lasted the full 1 hour 40 minutes of my session, though its effects slightly tapered down – or my workout was just too intense to make the dose last the entire training. Not too bad at all, though.
The norcoline is a vasodilator, so that means it should help to open up blood vessels and relax them, counteracting the negative side effect of caffeine (a vasoconstrictor).

I genuinely liked this product because I felt it was making a difference. I train 5 days per week and only take it on training days because I hate it when I can tell pre-workout effects are fading. I only want it if I can be sure it is helping, and not as a “just in case” it is helping (but I can’t tell for sure) supplement.Warning!! On the label…

Yup, they are very clear about not wanting people to have too much of this stuff! Don’t use more than 2 scoops in a 24 hour period, and do not take it if you’ve got almost any cardiac condition. Remember that this has got some serious stimulants in it, so your heart will probably be racing and very confused regardless of a heart condition or not!

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